Every vehicle that enters your shop for one repair, will often need another.


Superservice Triage™ is a tablet-based OE multi-point inspection (eMPI) that builds service revenue and customer trust by engaging customers in the service quotation process.

"Appearances are important and Superservice offers a professional appearance when presenting an inspection to the customer. It's a great tool for tracking lost sales and declined services."

Joshua Odderfer
Assistant Service Manager


If a service customer is called with additional repair recommendations after their car is on the lift, they feel vulnerable, get frustrated and mark down their satisfaction even if the service was necessary and carried out well. They can feel they are not in control or are being taken advantage of.

Superservice Triage is an online service selling solution that maximizes upsell service acceptance and increases customer satisfaction. It merges precision OE information, service advisor multi-point inspection, and customer sales psychology to transform the service sales process. It fosters customer involvement, awareness and a sense of "being in control of the situation", from which they can make informed decisions about their vehicle's servicing.

Customers' involvement and certainty in the inspection process instills trust and confidence in their service advisor. This leads to larger service order authorizations on the spot and when followed up later. Superservice Triage addresses three essential buyer prerequisites: Information, Involvement and Control.

Precision, Process, and Participation. Superservice Triage enables service advisors to identify, record, and track specific service lane diagnoses and instantly deliver an easy-to-understand report to the customer. The process begins with the technician conducting an OE and VIN-specific multi-point vehicle inspection — a "triage". Using an easy-to-use tablet computer, the inspection can be performed in minutes. When Triage is integrated with Superservice Menus, parts, labor, fluids, shop supplies, and pricing are instantly available. This creates a powerful information selling advantage that maximizes immediate repair order acceptances and authorizations.

The fast inspection and reporting process means the service advisor can immediately discuss the identified repairs with their customers. They can discuss the reasoning or consequences of doing the repairs now rather than later. If a customer isn't able to stay for the inspection, the triage report can be emailed to them. In either case, the service advisor provides customers with an informative, fully detailed, and professionally presented report, which forms the basis of any follow-up discussions. The report can be provided in English, Spanish or French Canadian to suit the customers' needs.

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Keep informed and in control

Comprehensive analytical graphs that help monitor your sales


Identify more work

Streamlined multi-point inspection process to increase sales and profit


Involvement that builds trust

Gain your customers' trust by engaging them in the process


Follow service advisors’ performance

Performance reporting to measure staff efficiency

Information for Greater Profitability and Productivity

Superservice Triage provides instantaneous and comprehensive analytics that significantly improve service sales closing. When used as intended, it has a proven track record of increasing revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction ratings. It makes personnel more productive and service advisors more effective.

It monitors, tracks and reports on identified work, immediate customer acceptances, and follow-up acceptances. Its easy-to-use performance appraisal reports help service management increase parts and labor sales. Reports are easy to interpret and allow comparison between current performance and previous time periods. They can be based on various sales metrics including:

  • Number of Inspection Reports Created
  • Sales and Conversion Rates
  • Dollars Identified and Sold
  • Jobs Deferred and Scheduled
  • Jobs Sold on Follow-Up
  • Advisor Performance
  • Technician Performance
  • Percentages Sold / Declined / Deferred
  • Averages Sold by Advisor / Tech / Customer
  • Lost Sales

You Can't Sell Service That Isn't Identified Or Followed-Up

Superservice Triage is specifically designed for the job of repair identification and sales closure. Customers will often find reasons to defer recommended repairs on the day of service, however with Superservice Triage the revenue opportunity is not lost. Superservice Triage stores and organizes deferred work so customers can be contacted at a future date for follow-up. Service advisors are empowered to make follow-up calls with confidence, knowing the customer has received a professional inspection report detailing safety and performance related repairs. The courteous and timely contact demonstrates care and concern before potential issues become a safety or more costly financial burden to the customer. The follow-up process helps to build customer-relationships whilst maximizing revenue opportunities that would otherwise be lost to the competition.

Overview Video

Overview Video

immediately grow profits, productivity and satisfaction

With Superservice Triage, there is no wasted time or lost productivity. It generates a color-coded inspection report that's clear and easy to understand, and helps engage customers in the service process. It is helpful in identifying additional service requirements, and provides information to help the service advisor show customers why doing service today can save them money and avoid stress later. Superservice Triage provides compelling information that increases the chances of closing service sales, improving customer retention, and increasing ROI.

There is no special hardware or software to install or maintain in the dealership - it's ready to use anywhere, anytime — on-site or remotely. Dealers of any size can have it up and running quickly, at an affordable cost.

Call 1-888-929-5599 to Speak With a Superservice representative about an in-dealership trial.

The Superservice Triage Advantage

Before Superservice Triage

After Superservice Triage

  • Slow, manual paper or DMS-based inspection checklists
  • Increased parts & labor sales per Triage inspection
  • Customer experience & relationship isn't the focus
  • Better closing techniques — maximize ROI
  • Low value of identified work per inspection
  • Automatic pricing of identified work* — parts, labor, fluids, supplies & surcharges
  • Low sales conversion rates
  • Improved accountability for advisors & technicians
  • Manual pricing of parts & labor
  • Frequently high authorization & completion rate of identified work
  • Low productivity process
  • Disciplined & professional approach for every RO
  • Low completion rate of identified work
  • Real-time performance reporting on effectiveness of inspections & advisors
  • Process doesn't provide consistent user experience
  • Manages follow-up of deferred work for future sales follow-up
  • No easy way to analyze inspection & sales performance
  • Specialized Triage inspection system — professional, fast & easy to use
  • Difficult to manage work not immediately authorized
  • Engages customer in the inspection process, to create certainty & trust

*Instant pricing with integration to Superservice Menus is available only for applicable OE franchise dealers.
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