Microcat LIVE Electronic Parts Catalogue

Microcat LIVE™ is fast, it’s accurate, it’s fully
online and it uses genuine OE data.

"I am amazed at all the features available in Microcat LIVE. I especially love that it can be accessed from anywhere."

Doug Souther
Parts Manager


No more discs to install, no more dongles to tie users down to a single machine, and no more delays getting the latest parts and pricing information to the front counter. We've heard, we've performed, and we've released the solution for all those requests and more. Already in use in 185 countries, it is the most widely used, fully online, professional parts catalog in the world.

Parts selling no longer has to occur from a fixed workstation. Parts people don't have to perform software installation or data update tasks. Parts information is as current as automaker releases are processed. These are some of the competitive edge benefits that Microcat LIVE gives dealers. With salespeople no longer tied to a fixed workstation or wasting time with software update tasks, they have new freedom to innovate and get creative with their selling strategies.

Microcat LIVE is more than just the most convenient EPC, it is also the most powerful. It is built by parts people for the way parts people work. There are fewer steps to get to the right part. Search and filtering tools get to the result in a second. Images are quick to display. Other features include fast DMS integration, image print and emailing, order save and restore, multiple open orders, logical information displays and much more. All told, Microcat LIVE works to empower dealership productivity and increase parts sales.

Users at all levels of experience will catch on quickly to Microcat LIVE. While some users won't need much assistance to hit the ground running, its new online See and Learn videos, will teach staff the way they want to learn — by example.

Microcat LIVE works for you as it displays the latest available parts information automatically — 24/7. There's no waiting until next month's disc arrives or new server updates are installed! Just switch on the computer and it's all there. All you need to know is your username and password. It frees staff from computer maintenance headaches and lets them spend more time increasing sales, using the most up-to-date information available.

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Empower your staff

Improved user experience through comprehensive vehicle information and clear images


See information your way

Flexible display that lets you view data the way you like

Detailed information at your fingertips

Crisp images and detailed labelling for easy access to parts data

Fewer clicks

Easily scroll through the catalog

Less manual interpretation

Extended search capabilities to find the right part each time


In 1987, a young parts interpreter was starting a big revolution that would change the face of parts interpretation. That revolution was called Microcat. Microcat has led EPC innovation and affordability for more than 100,000 users worldwide.

It introduced a string of EPC firsts, including: integrating VIN data to uniquely identify a vehicle for interpretation; using a single user interface regardless of OE franchise; directly transferring parts into DMS order entry; using color and sound to improve user productivity; using DVD-ROM for simpler distribution and installation; and providing integrated service menu operations, to name a few.

Now, Microcat has become part of the powerful Superservice suite of service chain performance tools — Microcat LIVE. With this new maturity comes a whole new parts sales revolution for a whole new generation of parts people.


Microcat LIVE is a monthly subscription service. No expensive computer server is bundled or required. Nor are there any compulsory long-term contracts you must sign. It's the kind of transparency and value-for-money that you'd expect from the global electronic parts catalog innovator.

Microcat LIVE is ready to go to work for you now. It doesn't take long from the time you place your order to the time you can be using it. You can order online at our website, by email, fax, or by calling Infomedia Customer Support. We'll give you your Usernames and Passwords, Getting Started Guide, online seminar schedule and other helpful information via email, so your parts team can get off to a great start.

We're confident that you'll love how well Microcat LIVE works for you. So confident that if you're not completely satisfied after 60 days, you can receive a full refund.

Order soon and put Microcat LIVE to work for you.

Call 1-888-929-5599 to Speak With an Infomedia representative about an in-dealership trial.

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Early EPC adopters gain a competitive edge. In the case of upgrading or converting to Microcat LIVE, it's easy to see benefits coming to your dealership in four key ways.

  1. Sales accuracy is increased with the latest data, making for happier customers and fewer returns.
  2. Faster searching and display functionality means staff can serve more customers per hour. Staff and management time is regained and stress reduced when there are no computer update tasks to do.
  3. Operational costs are reduced or eliminated when no special servers or hardware systems are needed, and when EPC licenses can be used at any authorized computer inside or outside the dealership.
  4. A wireless EPC, untethered from a fixed position in the dealership, creates the potential for new sales and service strategies to expand sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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