Hearing Customer compliments makes you feel good, hearing their criticisms makes you money.


Superservice Insight™ A user-friendly, tablet-based customer survey tool that processes feedback while it is being given.

"It's efficient and user-friendly."

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Most customers don't proactively complain about service experiences that don't meet their expectations — they just go somewhere else next time. You can no longer rely on a smile or a polite word to mean customers are satisfied. Without an unbiased and effective method to hear the customer's voice, you are essentially deaf to it.

Superservice Insight is a customer-friendly tablet-based survey solution that processes customer's experience feedback as it is given. Instant feedback gives management the opportunity to remedy adverse customer opinion before they leave the dealership, resulting in higher CSI scores. Insight's unlimited survey capacity allows marketing-oriented departments to gain a range of customer views. In-built CSI analytics gives management better information for business planning and improvement.

Documenting customer satisfaction before the transaction is closed out is an act of reaffirming the value placed on the relationship and acknowledging the customer's control in it. Superservice Insight facilitates key relationship building blocks: Listening, Acknowledgement and Appreciation.



Show your commitment to service excellence

Interactive survey tool to get feedback from your customers


Get actionable intelligence

Ability to personalise the surveys to suit your needs


No customer needs to leave unsatisfied

Access updated, real-time results instantly


Understand where you can improve

Your data is displayed in easy-to-read graphs


Superservice Insight helps engage customers to do what they love to do — give their opinions — and do it in a way that can be tailored to the service operation they just undertook. Friendly and effective feedback collection is the first step of monetizing the customer's voice. Customers want to be heard and know that their remarks — positive or negative — were listened to by someone who cares. When they are critical, they want to know their next experience will improve.

With Insight, customers provide answers to the service experience questions you want to track. This generally occurs while the customer is in the dealership to collect the vehicle. Superservice Insight can alert a nominated manager or supervisor of strongly critical feedback as soon as the customer has put it into the tablet. This allows the manager to approach the customer with concern to improve their experience before leaving the dealership. That has the obvious benefit of showing them that their satisfaction is the priority. It also increases the likelihood that comments entered into a subsequent CSI survey conducted by the automaker or into an online forum will be more positive.


Traditional manual and ad hoc ways of trying to hear the 'voice of the customer' through exit surveys tend, by their nature, to be short term, patchy and ineffective. Rarely is there sufficient time and resources in the dealership to analyse printed surveys and verbal comments. Without good processing and analysis, the customer 'feedback gold' doesn't get mined. Superservice Insight eliminates all those traditional shortcomings and provides actionable intelligence about your customers' needs.

It has been designed specifically for the motor trade. It is flexible and effective in dealers of all sizes, all regions and varying marketing capabilities. Customer surveys can be conducted in 20 languages, so that language is not a barrier to hearing the customer's voice.

Superservice Insight is customisable. It can be tailored to the customer, vehicle or the type of service. Its administrative center provides all the tools to:

  • Create Custom Surveys
  • Modify Surveys
  • Manage Survey Inventory
  • Manage Survey Use
  • Store and Export Data
  • Analyse Feedback
  • Print from a Comprehensive Suite of Reports
There is no special hardware or software to install or maintain in the dealership — it's ready to use anywhere, anytime — on-site or remotely. Dealers of any size can have it up and running quickly, and at an affordable price.
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The modern dealership is a complex business with many people who engage with its customers. Even with the best personnel, it can happen that a customer can have a sub-optimal experience. Superservice Insight's tablet-based surveys give management immediate intelligence into the customers' service experience. Their perceptions — whether good or critical — are available and stored as they are given. As those results are analysed, management will see the dealership through the eyes of their customers. They will learn of staff and processes that are valued by the customer, as well as those that need improvement or change.


Dealers love Superservice Insight because it gives them a competitive advantage and an edge. It helps increase customer retention by providing real-time, actionable information that can be used to improve service levels. By supplying specific customer information, it can also reveal missed sales and service opportunities. Superservice Insight empowers your staff, improves accountability and control and can dramatically improve dealer and salesperson CSI rating in automaker assessments, which can lead to bigger bonuses, rebates, franchise renewal and even better vehicle selection.

If you believe there is gold that can be mined from customer feedback; if you believe that dealership staff and processes would benefit from seeing the business through the eyes of your customers; and if you believe that your customer retention can be longer by demonstrating that you listen, acknowledge and appreciate your customers' voice, then Superservice Insight is for you!

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