Superservice Register™ provides secure and trusted information about the service history of vehicles.

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Online service history for security and customer retention

The all-new Superservice Register gives your dealership a genuine competitive edge. Superservice Register™ is a unique, pioneering system for recording of vehicle service history online. This solution helps you improve your customers’ ownership experience by linking your dealership to a centralised, secure and transparent service history database. The advanced digital process saves valuable time by removing the need to manually stamp the vehicles service log book, effectively eliminating the threat of falsified service records, lost books or no stamping at all.

This unique system harnesses the power of VIN specific job information to help you record and retrieve digital service history accurately and with ease. The smart automation, professional look and 24/7 convenience combine to make your staff more efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. It also maximises your dealerships’ potential for customer retention with ‘next service’ forecasting capability. Your customers can be presented with detailed information about their next service at any time.

Superservice Register enhances your customers’ service experience and provides a powerful differentiator from your aftermarket service competitors.

Enhance your brand image and delight your customers

Modernise your dealership and gain from the benefits of an online solution:

  • Access to service history 24/7.
  • Make life easier for your service staff, allowing them to focus on sales.
  • Keep customers loyal by ensuring their service history is kept up to date.
  • Use the “next service” forecasting information to keep your customers’ business.
  • Gain unique service history insight for first time customers.
  • Gain a competitive edge against aftermarket repairers.

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Save time and effort – no more log books

Keep service records safe and up-to-date


Professional service history wins customer trust

Boost customer retention with ‘next service’ forecasting


Access service history, anytime, anywhere - 24/7.

Gain unique insight into customer service patterns

As simple as stamping a log book – but so much better

This is how Superservice Register works:

  1. When the vehicle is booked in, the service advisor records VIN-specific details of the service or repair.
  2. The customer receives a printout of the work that was performed. The customer can also receive records of work that has been carried out in the past.
  3. The full service history is stored permanently in the Superservice Register database, ready to be accessed when the vehicle returns for the next service.

Superservice Register is an efficient customer retention tool.

Why are so many vehicle owners embracing Superservice Register?

  • It’s convenient, comprehensive and fraud proof.
  • It allows customers to print an up-to-the-minute service history anywhere, anytime via a portal.
  • Unlike log books which only record the date of a service, Superservice Register keeps a complete record of all work done on the vehicle.
  • The resale value of a vehicle is enhanced because buyers can trust the accuracy of Superservice Register.
  • With a permanent online record of the service history, there is no need to worry about losing log books again!

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8 Fast Facts about Superservice Register

  1. Customers love it because it’s so convenient.
  2. It provides easy access to a vehicle’s service history, 24/7.
  3. It is a secure, reliable, and permanent service history.
  4. It makes the dealer more professional and gives them more authority.
  5. It optimises the resale value of a vehicle.
  6. It promotes brand loyalty.
  7. No dealer contracts or expensive server installations are required.
  8. It provides you with service history information for vehicles which have been serviced at other dealerships.

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