We all know service excellence is critically important to the profitability of a dealership.

Genuine dealership service operations and service advisors are under constant pressure to provide superior service, beat the competitive landscape, and increase productivity, profitability and customer retention.

That's why Superservice™ was developed.

We Make a Lasting Difference.

Superior service needs to be more than just perception — it needs to be reality.

Superservice is the value advantage that helps automaker aftersales teams advance their performance and economic goals to a new level. It will change what you believed was possible to achieve with your current resources. Superservice gives genuine dealers a distinctive and powerful advantage. It provides a robust suite of targeted information tools that can stand alone or interconnect to empower the entire service chain process. Superservice is an ingenious marriage of information technology and customer sales psychology that is making a considerable difference for thousands of dealers around the world.

With highly accurate genuine information and intuitive user interfaces, Superservice is a set of precision sales empowerment tools that build certainty and trust inside and outside the dealership, improving customer retention in an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious world.

Superservice integrated solutions are simple to use and provide the critical information dealers need to do their job quickly and efficiently, while leaving customers feeling better informed, charged fairly and delighted with their dealer relationship. Superservice strengthens the service advisor's value, productivity and professional esteem in the eyes of the service customer, and helps management with better front-of-shop customer engagement and back-of-shop operational performance and metrics.

Our online tools provide:

  • Precision Service Quoting
  • Vehicle Health Check (with real-time costing)
  • Self-service Appointment Booking and Quoting
  • CSI Surveying
  • Lost Business Recovery
  • Service Sales Statistics
  • Genuine Parts Identification
  • All with true genuine VIN precision and detail

If you feel there is more potential in your business than you're getting today; if you believe that accuracy, certainty and transparency are what your service customers value; if you think your service processes have productivity gains to be made; and if you believe you could win back lost business if you had a more effective way to manage it, then your dealership is ready for Superservice.

Superservice solutions are produced by Infomedia, leading retail automotive application developers for years. Infomedia makes mission critical, multi-franchise solutions that are used by 147,000 dealership personnel every day.

Call us to find out more about how Superservice can help provide service excellence, increase customer retention, increase productivity and bring greater profitability to your dealership.

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Superservice Menus™ — VIN-specific Precision Quoting spares customers and service advisors the frustration and hassle caused by quoting mistakes for service and repair operations. VIN-precise genuine menus free staff to quote and sell with confidence, creating customer certainty and trust, giving customers a sense of control, improving customer satisfaction and helping to maintain profit margins, all while increasing sales of genuine parts and labour.


Superservice Triage™ — Tablet-based genuine Vehicle Health Check (VHC) that builds service revenue and customer trust by engaging customers in the service quotation process, providing an VIN-specific checksheet process and instantaneous pricing of identified work — labour, parts and shop supplies. The Triage statistics and reporting suite increases insights to improve sales techniques, recover deferred or lost work, develop service marketing campaigns and assess personnel performance.


Superservice Insight™ — A user-friendly, tablet-based customer survey tool that processes feedback while it is being given. Instantaneous feedback gives management the opportunity to remedy an adverse opinion before the customer leaves the dealership, resulting in higher CSI scores. Insight's unlimited survey capacity allows marketing-oriented departments to gain a range of customer views. In-built CSI analytics gives Fixed Operations management better information for business decisions and staff assessment.


Superservice Connect™ — An online appointment system that integrates transparently into a dealership's current website. Connect provides customer convenience and dealership productivity. Instead of waiting for business hours to call and confirm an appointment, customers simply log on at their convenience and choose an available time that suits their schedule. When they identify a standard service or repair for the appointment, Connect can also give them a VIN-precise quote.


Superservice Register™ — A secure online database that records the comprehensive service and repair history for genuine vehicles. Register provides dealerships and vehicle owners secure and trusted information about the service history of vehicles. This assists dealerships in automating accurate service advice and analytics. It also enhances the resale value of customers' vehicles by making the service history transportable.

Microcat LIVE Electronic Parts Catalogue

Microcat LIVE™ — An online genuine electronic parts catalogue that provides fast and accurate VIN-based interpretation. EPC has powerful search functions and an intuitive, user-friendly interface that helps boost fixed operations' efficiency and profitability. It can operate as a standalone POS for counter sales or seamlessly integrate with other Superservice tools to facilitate automated parts identification and pricing, so you can provide even faster, more efficient customer service.

"I like the easiness of Superservice. It's efficient and user friendly - anyone can learn it. It is not any more time intensive than our current system. It's a great tool."

Larry Martin, Technician

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