Losing customers
to the aftermarket,
is no longer inevitable.


Superservice Menus™ is the online automaker licensed system whose professional quotation process enhances service customer retention and staff productivity.

"Our end-users at the dealerships are very pleased with this product, and from the beginning, the success we have had by launching this product has gone beyond what we expected."

Georg Jørgensen
Hyundai Bil Import A/S

The SuperService Quoting Advantage

When a service quote and a service invoice don't match, it erodes customer trust and dealership profitability. It contributes to the high fall-off of customer service retention rates that are accepted as 'normal' after the second or third year of vehicle ownership.

Superservice Menus is the online automaker licensed system whose professional quotation process enhances service customer retention and staff productivity. It offers a service edge to genuine dealers by significantly improving customer satisfaction, and increasing sales of genuine parts and labour. It does this by addressing three essential fundamentals of a successful service quotation process: Accuracy, Certainty and Trust.

Overcoming the Challenge of Time

Accurately detailed, professionally presented and competitively priced service estimates and quotations are essential to increasing service customer retention rates, as well as ensuring that you reach your service profit targets. But doing that takes more time than most service advisors have — or their time-challenged customers are willing to give. That's why we created Superservice Menus — a powerful online program that helps your service team generate precise, genuine VIN-specific service quotes that include parts, labour, fluids, shop supplies and pricing — fast.

Confidence, Certainty and Control

Superservice Menus is the premier precision quoting system for genuine dealer service and repair operations globally. It presents information in plain, easy-to-understand language that deepens customers' understanding and gives them a sense of being in control in an otherwise unfamiliar situation. Your estimates can be provided in 20 different languages to suit your customers' needs.

The competitively priced quote is detailed and shows them exactly what they will receive and pay for. Superservice Menus' intuitive design, its depth of accurate automaker specific information and its customer sales psychology reinforces customer trust and builds dealership service profitability, quote after quote.

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Empower your staff

A user-friendly interface that suits all levels of experience


No wasted selling time

Start quoting anytime, anywhere, in seconds


Quote with certainty

Parts, labour and shop supplies are accurately priced and clearly set out


Mobility that builds trust

Let the customer feel in control by establishing the quote at their car

Wireless Convenience

The use of wireless tablet computers adds to the friendliness and convenience of customers' service experience. Your staff can also use their existing desktop computers to easily enter information directly into the online system. Everything about the suite of Superservice™ solutions, including Menus, provides accuracy you and your customers can count on, consistent process controls that are easy for staff to use, and online operation that makes them fast, hassle-free and affordable to operate.

Affordable Winning Advantage

Dealership Management love Superservice Menus because it boosts employee productivity, provides precision estimates that increase service sales and profits, and builds customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Service Advisors love it because it increases their billable throughput and enhances their professional esteem in the eyes of their customers. And customers love Superservice Menus because it makes estimates clear and dependable. It helps them see genuine service as an investment in their vehicle, not an expense. All told, that is a winning service advantage.

If you believe you can increase service customer loyalty by delivering a service experience that starts by providing accuracy, certainty and value; if you believe your service business has greater potential for growth and profit; and if you are serious about beating customer attrition to the aftermarket, then Superservice Menus is for you!

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Overview Video

Overview Video


Superservice Menus covers all scheduled service maintenance operations and over 300 popular repair operations for models dating back 10 years. The list of repairs has been carefully researched and prepared. Operation details are presented in an easy-to-view format with flexibility for dealer editing if required. All aspects of the job are included. The consistent operation codes and descriptions are easy to remember across all models.

Its 3-step approach is very easy to use, highly intuitive and can be put to use within minutes of the initial setup. It is accessible online 24/7. There is no special hardware or software to install or maintain in the dealership - it's ready to use anywhere, anytime - on-site or remotely. Dealers of any size can have it up and running quickly, and at an affordable cost.

Superservice Menus integrates with leading DMS systems. It also integrates with other Superservice tools including Superservice Triage™ (VHC) and Superservice Insight™ (eCSI). This allows dealers to create their own unique and powerful service-selling processes — processes that can leverage their local genuine service advantage into even greater sales and greater customer satisfaction.

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