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Superservice Menus™ is the online automaker licensed system whose professional quotation process enhances service customer retention and staff productivity.

"We see Superservice Menus as an asset within our network and would recommend it to any distributor seeking more professionalism and service efficiency within their network."

Jan Vanhaver
Korean Motor Company (Distributor for Hyundai, Belgium)
Technical Coordinator

Features And Benefits

  1. Quoting and RO System — includes fast and accurate customer quotes, repair orders, service plans, and customer invoice wording.
  2. Model Depth — initially the latest 10 model years, with each new model subsequently added.
  3. Vehicle Selection — VIN search and Model lookup by family and variant for returning customers and transient vehicles.
  4. Vehicle Details — full build details and production options to confirm fitment of non standard options (e.g. aftermarket sunroof).
  5. Scheduled Services — recommended maintenance schedules, including inspections, replacements, fluids and labour time.
  6. Maintenance Repairs — up to 300 common repairs per vehicle and model.
  7. Menu Information — includes operation description, automaker recommended labour times, industry labour times, parts identification, fluids and shop supplies, pricing, taxes and total payable per operation.
  8. Information Updates — menu information automatically updated weekly as automaker data changes.
  9. Menu Customisation — account for variations in local servicing conditions by easily updating labour rates, parts pricing, shop supplies pricing, and tax levels.
  10. Dealer Menus — create dealer-specific menus with operation codes, descriptions, inspections, and parts and shop supplies (e.g. car wash, engine pressure wash, fixed winter and summer service specials / promotions).
  11. Recommendations — sell credible work not included in the service schedule to improve customer care and increase labour and parts sales of a repair order.
  12. Lifetime Service Pricing — project total lifetime or distance-based service costs in seconds to quote and sell service plans to new car and returning service customers.
  13. Service Value StorySMhelps explain service and repair work to vehicle owners (available Q4, 2012).
  14. Personalisation — personalise forms with dealer details, staff names and customer details for a professional and credible presentation to customers.
  15. Integration — export information to your DMS. Two-way parts and VIN transfer with your EPC to improve productivity between service and parts staff.
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