designed to win the confidence and patronage of your service prospects.


Superservice Menus™ is the online automaker licensed system whose professional quotation process enhances service customer retention and staff productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need Superservice Menus?
  2. Why is it better than other menu products or those we get with our DMS?
  3. Is Superservice Menus better than menus I build myself?
  4. Is the parts information current, accurate and genuine?
  5. How does it build trust with customers?
  6. Do I really need a professional quote? What's wrong with a hand written one?
  7. What vehicles are available in Superservice Menus?
  8. What do I get with the application?
  9. What operation codes are covered in Superservice Menus?
  10. Does it integrate with my DMS?
  11. Can I email quotes?
  12. What is the benefit of it being accessible online?

Why do I need Superservice Menus?

To increase customer service retention, to have an expert system for precision service quoting, and to sell more service uniformly and easily. Its detailed information gives prospects a sense of certainty and control, while giving the service advisor an air of confidence. Altogether, it's a formula for service sales success and better Fixed Operations financial control.

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Why is it better than other menu products or those we get with our DMS?

Infomedia takes service menu quoting very seriously. Superservice Menus is a flagship product created by a dedicated team of service experts. It empowers dealership personnel with Precision QuotingSM to quote consistently and well. It not only deals with the technicalities of the repair, but also the buying psychology of the prospect. Superservice Menus is designed to win the confidence and patronage of your service prospects by creating an experience of certainty and trust.

Superservice Menus is not an 'All Makes' menu package. The goal of its quality and precision is to support dealers to serve and retain their most important service asset — their core vehicle customers.

It creates and maintains VIN-specific service and repair menus so you can quote and sell service repair operations in seconds. Each service menu is updated automatically when parts, parts pricing, service times or shop supply charges change. Compared to other menu products, Superservice Menus is remarkable value for money.

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Is Superservice Menus better than menus I build myself?

Creating and maintaining your own menus takes a lot of time and effort. Maintaining VIN-specific repair operations is not economically sustainable for individual dealers when time, resource and technology constraints are taken into account. With Superservice Menus you get a precision quoting system that is always up-to-date and online, for a fraction of the cost of doing the work yourself. Superservice Menus frees up your team's valuable time to serve people, not computers.

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Is the parts information current, accurate and genuine?

Absolutely. Superservice Menus uses genuine up-to-date automaker parts and service data. That data is then richly compiled into VIN/model specific menus by Infomedia's specially trained service analysts. The result is a set of accurately created and maintained OE menus. All operations are created based on VIN-specific attributes that allow Precision Quoting results every time. The service maintenance schedules from the automaker are strictly followed. The repair information and replacement parts are carefully researched using official repair manuals and parts catalogues. For every operation, the labour, parts, fluids and shop supplies are pre-interpreted. Parts and VIN data are updated routinely in line with the automaker publication schedule.

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How does it build trust with customers?

People are generally uncomfortable in situations they are unfamiliar with. They feel unequal or out of control, especially when dealing with money. When that happens, some overcompensate for such feelings by being difficult. Such interactions can be in-person, on the telephone or via email. They are amplified when the prospect has a previous experience where service promises were broken — expected repairs weren't successful, or prices were misquoted. All these things generate mistrust.

Superservice Menus not only deals with the calculation of a winning quote, but it deals with the psychology of the customer to increase their likelihood of accepting it. This psychology is based on using information and perception to give the prospect a feeling of being in control of their service quote experience. Using Superservice Menus, the service advisor steps through a process designed to create trust by using very accurate information to create the quote, and transparently sharing that with them. The service advisors own confidence, which results from using the system, contributes to the customer's sense of trust. Finally, when the vehicle is repaired as promised and as quoted, the trust is affirmed and sets a new benchmark for the next time they return to the dealership.

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Do I really need a professional quote? What's wrong with a hand written one?

Yes! Superservice Menus is more than a prospect winning and customer satisfying quote generator. It also contributes to productivity, profitability and risk reduction of your whole Fixed Operations division.

Speaking of the non-sales benefits, it reduces the need for a parts representative to identify the parts required for an RO. It provides accurate information to the service advisor, leaving the parts representative to work on other business. Inventory and handling costs are better controlled as the exact parts are matched by Superservice Menus to the service or repair operation. The speed of response to your service customer enquiries is increased manyfold, contributing to customer satisfaction performance objectives. Precision Quoting assures that inputs to the quotes are not missed, which might cause the dealership to lose out on a job. It also assures that a quote isn't over-padded, "just in case," causing the dealership to lose the job itself. It eliminates keyboard errors as the quote can be transferred directly to the DMS to open an RO for an accepted quote.

Superservice Menus smooths out the skill-level curve of inexperienced service advisors and technicians by supporting more technical or mechanical staff to successfully perform the financial task of quoting. Superservice Menus easily integrates into dealership process control policy, providing more certainty for management that customers will be served in a consistent and best-in-class manner.

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What vehicles are available in Superservice Menus?

Superservice Menus has service and repair information for passenger and light commercial vehicles covering the most recent 8 to 10 years (depending on the franchise). Each new model is automatically added at the time it is released.

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What do I get with the application?

Superservice Menus is a complete online system for Precision Quoting. It is accessed from any computer device with an Internet compatible browser and connectivity. It is self-contained and easy to use. Its rich features allow users to positively identify vehicles by VIN; select VIN-specific service and repair operations using text or graphics; be advised of additional services to offer; compile and print a detailed quote; and transfer quotes to the DMS to create an RO — to mention just a few of its functions. It can also print lifetime service cost forecasts for any specific vehicle, technician check sheets, and customer authorisations for service work. Most importantly, it builds an accurate, tightly costed quote, in a confident manner that generates customer certainty and trust. Because there is no special equipment to purchase and no software to install, your service advisors will be up and running in minutes. In terms of specific functionality, visit the Features and Benefits page here.

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What operation codes are covered in Superservice Menus?

All scheduled service maintenance operations and a selection of over 300 popular repair operations per model are covered. The list of repairs has been carefully researched in liaison with franchised dealers. Operation details are presented in an easy-to-view format with flexibility for dealer editing if required. All aspects of the job are included and the operation code and description are easy to remember and consistent for operations across models.

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Does it integrate with my DMS?

Superservice Menus integrates with a number of leading DMS to facilitate easy cooperation. The level of integration varies with each DMS. See the Superservice website or call Customer Service for specific integration features.

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Can I email quotes?

Yes, very easily and very professionally. Quotes can also be printed and saved for future reference.

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What is the benefit of it being accessible online?

Superservice Menus is accessible online 24 hours a day, without you having to do any software or data maintenance. It is untethered and ready to use anywhere and anytime you want. Service advisors can use a tablet, laptop or desktop computer to service the sales prospect at the vehicle, on the driveway, in the bay, or anywhere else. Performing the quote in the customer's presence, adds to the positive customer psychology of them being in control of their situation, which in turn leads to more ready acceptance of the service offer.

This newfound freedom and precision will facilitate new business possibilities for service managers with creative sales and marketing minds. Dealers, who claim the leading edge and adopt Superservice early, will push out the bounds that limit revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

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