user-friendly, highly intuitive and can be put to use within minutes of the initial setup.


Superservice Menus™ is the online automaker licensed system whose professional quotation process enhances service customer retention and staff productivity.

"Overall, Kia Motors (UK) are very pleased with the Superservice Menu system. In retrospect, I just wish we had developed it sooner!"

Alan Farrell
National Parts & Accessories Manager
Kia Motors (UK) Ltd

8 Great Reasons to do Superservice

1. Retention and Loyalty — Accuracy & Certainty

Customer retention is the result of trust built upon accuracy, certainty and transparency. Superservice solutions break through the barriers of limited dealership time and resources to help inform customers to the level they want to be. Superservice is made from real market knowledge, genuine automaker data, dealer-specific settings and advanced computer programming. Superservice delivers accurate VIN-specific results time after time that let staff instantly tell customers precisely how much they will be charged, and what will be done. It gets customers feeling involved, in control and listened to. Their clarity builds confidence and trust. If you want customers who want to return time after time — Do Superservice.

2. Relationship, A People Thing — Customer Mind

Superservice has been designed to support dealers, to profitably lengthen customer retention. What sets Superservice apart from its competitors is that it is focused on delivering a service chain experience that fulfils customers' desire for information, control and validation. Superservice is segmented into key service chain steps because each step has different validation vectors. For pricing these include accuracy, certainty and transparency; for service sales they include customer involvement, a sense of control, and their need to feel listened to, acknowledged and appreciated. If you want strong customer relationships and the benefits that flow from them — Do Superservice.

3. All Levels Of Experience — Proficiency Boost

Superservice is fast, accurate and easy to use. Its unique design allows experienced personnel or beginners to operate at their individual full potential. Intuitive searching, image and data display, and information transfer go beyond what's come before. From producing a winnable quote, to analysing feedback, Superservice does time-consuming work instantly across the service chain process, all day, every day. Superservice solutions gives staff extra confidence with customers. It gives them a proven process to follow and results that they can be confident are fair to the customer and profitable for the dealership. If you want after sales solutions that go beyond user-friendly to user-empowered – Do Superservice.

4. Profitability Driven Features — Real Advantage

The Superservice suite of solutions is interactive and share powerful features that help dealers provide service in a way that customers can understand and trust. These features are backed by genuine VIN-specific information. Every feature of Superservice is optimised to provide an advantage that helps dealerships build customer retention and increase profits. Superservice strengthens service advisors' value and professional esteem in the eyes of the customer and makes it possible for the dealership to exceed their expectations. If you want an effective competitive advantage to retain customers and profits – Do Superservice.

5. Freedom, Mobility And Choice — Anything, Everywhere

Want to use a PC, Mac or maybe a tablet computer? Want to sell from the front counter, the service lane, off-site, or from home? No problem - Superservice makes that a reality. YOU can choose the equipment you want and YOU can choose the place you want to sell from. There's no software to install, no access device to plug in, no updates to load. Superservice makes all that a thing of the past. All staff need to know is a user name and password, and they're ready to sell like they've never sold before. If you want freedom and flexibility to innovate on your selling strategies without maintaining computer hardware and software – Do Superservice.

6. Control & Consistency — Process Accountability

Today, if a service or parts quote is wrong (too high or too low), the dealership either loses the sale or loses money. Superservice can either lead or follow a structured and planned service chain process. Its solutions deliver certain and controllable results within profit parameters set by the dealership. It produces instantly priced transactions every time. It also increases personnel efficiency, places a professional process over important customer touch points, and reduces the risk of loss through misquoting. If you want controlled quoting that provides consistent customer engagements and positive outcomes — Do Superservice.

7. Measure Outcomes — Continuous Improvement

Each Superservice solution records operational metrics that help drive continual process improvement. With leading-edge reporting, the service experience can be measured, assessed and improved upon. Its operational metrics show where performance is admirable as well as where improvement is possible. This may be in peer performance comparisons or customer experience surveys. The 'voice of the customer' will be seen, heard and compared, supporting management to implement strategies that keep them coming back. If you want information to better manage staff, process and customer expectation – Do Superservice.

8. Superservice — Future-Proof

Superservice fixed operations solutions are revolutionising the technology of after sales selling and customer retention around the world. The solutions' uniform multi-franchise approach makes for seamless integration of after sales strategies. They are untethered, interactive and exchange information in order to create a more powerful, more professional, more consistent and more satisfied customer engagement. Superservice is fully online and requires no unique or costly hardware investment. As computer storage and displays change in years to come, the Superservice investment a dealership makes in staff training and process integration today will seamlessly keep up with the times. If you want sales solutions that fit into the Fixed Operations department of the future — Do Superservice.

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