an EPC that goes beyond user-friendly to user-empowered.

Microcat LIVE Electronic Parts Catalogue

Microcat LIVE™ was developed after listening to
the wishes of dealers and automakers for
a new generation EPC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is better about running Microcat LIVE via the Internet?
  2. How does Microcat LIVE stack up against the competition?
  3. How often do I need to update the new data and software?
  4. What are the technical requirements to run Microcat LIVE?
  5. If I move to another computer, what happens to my notes and work-in-progress orders?
  6. Is there a charge for Microcat LIVE to connect to my DMS?
  7. What if the Internet goes down?
  8. How is Microcat LIVE supported, and how do I access support?
  9. How will staff learn to use it?
  10. How much does Microcat LIVE cost?
  11. Why should I change to Microcat LIVE?

What is better about running Microcat LIVE via the Internet?

There are practical, strategic and cost benefits to changing to Microcat LIVE from a disc server or an alternative Internet application.

Practical: There are no discs to install, no access dongles to plug in or keep track of, and there are no long delays between the time the automaker releases new information and the time it is live on your screen. There is no dedicated server such as Q-Link to rent, buy, maintain or keep loaded with updates. Microcat LIVE is whole and complete, ready to run, as soon as you switch on your computer and browser.

Strategic: Once you untether the EPC from a fixed position, you open a new world of selling and service possibilities. A parts person can start working on an order at the front counter, then move to the computer in the warehouse to add to it, and then finalise it in the wholesale phone room if they want to. How about putting EPC licences in the service or collision departments so they can do their own parts work? You could put the EPC into your delivery trucks, or set up parts department kiosks at shopping malls, or handle collision quotes from a handheld tablet computer. The potential is only limited by your sales imagination.

Cost: Server-based solutions are incredibly expensive to purchase, maintain and update. Traditional DVD-based EPCs are much cheaper solutions, but still require staff time to install the discs each month. Online EPC eliminates both of these out-of-pocket and labour costs for your department. Because it's online with month-to-month subscription pricing, Microcat LIVE also supports dealerships to instantly increase their subscriptions during their high selling seasons and return them to normal in the low season. That way you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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How does Microcat LIVE stack up against the competition?

Infomedia has been making world-class EPC for more than 22 years. The same company, under the same management, all that time. With such continuity comes retained know-how and values that are reflected in our products and business policies.

We believe Microcat LIVE is the best-in-class performer. Its design is in response to suggestions from thousands of dealers around the world. It provides four fundamental breakthroughs to benefit dealers:

  • First, it frees the EPC from a fixed position – it can now operate anywhere, on anything, at any time.
  • Second, in one stroke, it provides instant-on, up-to-the-minute data, eliminating all computer update chores for staff.
  • Third, its advanced search and display features build upon decades of innovative functionality.
  • Finally, the Microcat LIVE business model is honest and transparent. Our prices are published. There is no bundled hardware, no compulsory contracts and no expensive options. Such an arrangement means Microcat LIVE must perform and evolve to keep up with the changing needs of dealerships. We are confident in our ability to do that, thus confident in this approach to business, as we have been for 22 years.

In terms of specific functionality, visit the Features and Benefits page here.

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How often do I need to update the new data and software?

You don't. Data, pricing, application updates and more, are kept current on Infomedia's central servers that deliver Microcat LIVE to your Web browser. There's no action required by you or members of your team other than entering your username and password.

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What are the technical requirements to run Microcat LIVE?

Microcat LIVE can run on most current computer systems that have a current Adobe Flash-compatible browser installed.

The Internet connection speed and plan will depend upon what other Internet usage your dealership requires.

Equipment Specifications
Feature Benefit
PC and Operating System Flexibility Works on current Windows and Macintosh PCs and Android OS tablet computers with Internet connection and any Adobe Flash-compatible browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, which future-proofs you from hardware and operating system changes.
Compatible Hardware Requirements

Windows PC/Netbook/Laptop computers with 2-GB RAM, 2.8-GHz processing power, 1280 x 1024 or higher screen resolution, and Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.

Apple Macbook computers with Apple OS X.

10-inch diagonal Tablet Computer with Android Operating System 4.0 or above (e.g. Samsung Galaxy).

Compatible Browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox
Internet – WiFi Connection Internet connection and browser requirements under normal conditions require a high-speed broadband connection with low latency.

To allow emailing of quotes and invoices from Microcat LIVE, you may need to configure email servers to allow incoming email from our sending hosts. The following server locations should be white listed:


Your browser settings:

  • Where the browser Popup Blockers is switched on, ensure that "," "" and "" domains are included as an exception.
  • Cookies enabled
  • JavaScript enabled

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If I move to another computer, what happens to my notes and work-in-progress orders?

Microcat LIVE stores notes, settings and work-in-progress centrally. All your notes and work-in-progress are secure and accessible from any computer you connect to. Microcat LIVE makes this information available after you log in.

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Is there a charge for Microcat LIVE to connect to my DMS?

Microcat LIVE was the first EPC to include automated push parts transfer into DMS as a standard free feature. DMS integration is facilitated by the DMSi module, which provides seamless push transfer from Microcat LIVE to your DMS. Infomedia has worked in partnership with leading DMS providers to develop a bi-directional communications capability. This will create greater sales potential by having the two systems communicating during the selling process rather than just transferring a parts list at the end of the interpretation. Some DMS providers may charge dealers a fee for such bi-directional integration.

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What if the Internet goes down?

Microcat LIVE requires the computer it runs on to have a connection to the Internet. However, these days, nearly all IT applications in the dealership have that same requirement (e.g. OEM website and communications; DMS updates; F&I, email, service booking, social media). Practically speaking, the Internet has become a utility as vital and necessary as electricity. Internet providers know they must keep their service fully operational for their business customers 24/7. Some conservative Microcat LIVE users have purchased a low-cost wireless broadband USB stick/hub that they keep in the manager's desk, while others know they can tether to their cell phone if the occasion arises. They do this as an emergency precaution should the Internet go down for an extended period. With these simple measures, a dealer has an insurance policy for such an unlikely event.

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How is Microcat LIVE supported, and how do I access support?

Infomedia's Customer Service representatives provide dealership users with friendly help desk support Monday through Friday. They speak Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Their contact details are listed on the contact page.

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How will staff learn to use it?

Microcat LIVE is intuitive and follows the interpretation technique of: 1) Identify the Vehicle; 2) Select the Parts; and 3) Transfer Parts to the DMS.

When dealers sign up for Microcat LIVE, they receive access to the Getting Started Guide, a Quick Reference Card, and the See and Learn℠ library of learn-by-example demonstrations. These items work to get both experienced and new parts people up to speed quickly. In addition, Infomedia conducts numerous instructor-led online seminars, where staff can receive advanced training or ask questions about individual areas of interest. See and Learn and the other training materials are included in the monthly subscription price.

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How much does Microcat LIVE cost?

For pricing information, contact Customer Service. Their contact details are listed on the Contact page.

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Why should I change to Microcat LIVE?

You should change to Microcat LIVE if you want to:

  1. Instantly have the latest parts catalogue and other OEM data.
  2. Have faster parts-searching speed and performance.
  3. Have greater flexibility for staff to use the EPC from any computer inside or outside the dealership.
  4. Have greater scope to develop sales strategies that use Microcat LIVE's untethered nature.
  5. Reduce technical complexity in your parts department.
  6. Reduce costs of computer servers and maintenance.
  7. Gain a competitive edge in your marketplace.
  8. Future-proof your dealership and staff knowledge from the effects of equipment and operating system change.

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