an EPC that goes beyond user-friendly to user-empowered.

Microcat LIVE Electronic Parts Catalogue

Microcat LIVE™ was developed after listening to the wishes of dealers and automakers for a new generation EPC.

"The LIVE version integrates flawlessly with our in-house system."

Steve Powell
Parts Manager

8 Great Reasons to do Microcat LIVE

1. The Latest Automaker Parts Data — Always

Microcat LIVE— Microcat LIVE is just that, LIVE! Switch it on and there you have it — the latest available parts data from the manufacturer. Manufacturers periodically release new data, new VINs, changes, corrections and more. With Microcat LIVE, you're using them shortly after they are released. No waiting until next month's disc arrives, no discs or server updates to install — nothing! It all happens automatically behind the scenes. If you want up-to-the-minute parts data with nothing to install yourself — then Microcat LIVE Works for You.

2. Freedom From Plugging In Or Installing — Anything

Hey, who had the bright idea of making parts people software installers? If you wanted to be a software installer, you would have gotten a job at DELL, right? Microcat LIVE makes all that a thing of the past. There's nothing to get lost or broken in the mail. There's no access device to plug-in or install, no application software to load, no update discs to install at any time. All you need to know is your user name and password. If you want freedom from computer maintenance tasks — then Microcat LIVE Works for You

3. Mobility And Choice — Everywhere

Want your EPC to run on a PC or Mac, or maybe a Linux or tablet computer? Want to sell parts from the front counter, back counter, on the road, or from home? No problem! Microcat LIVE and any Adobe Flash-capable Internet browser can make that a reality. For the first time since the start of the EPC, YOU can choose the equipment you want and YOU can choose the place you want to sell from. If you want the freedom to innovate and get creative on your selling strategies — then Microcat LIVE Works for You.

4. User-Effective For All Levels Of Experience — Everyone

In 1987, the first Microcat was designed by parts people for parts people, and so is the latest generation, Microcat LIVE. It is fast, accurate and easy to use. Its unique design allows experienced parts representatives or beginners in the parts department to operate at their full potential. New enhancements in searching, image and data display, and information transfer go beyond what's come before. If you want an EPC that goes beyond user-friendly to user-empowered - then Microcat LIVE Works for You.

5. High Performance Features — First-Rate

Microcat LIVE does things disc or server-based EPCs could only dream of. It uses powerful "cloud" computing, where the heavy-duty processing occurs remotely on Infomedia's high-performance systems. This allows the creation of new features, such as advanced searching and display. This improves the three key areas of EPC operation: vehicle identification, parts selection and Order List transfer. If you want advanced features to give you a performance edge — then Microcat LIVE Works for You.

6. Superservice — Future-Proof

Microcat LIVE is a component of the Superservice suite of fixed operations solutions. Superservice will revolutionise the technology of parts and service selling. It is comprised of eight leading-edge online sales and productivity applications. The uniform multi-franchise approach makes for seamless integration of after-sales strategies. Superservice will expand to meet your future needs and more. If you want an EPC that fits into the parts department of the future — then Microcat LIVE Works for You

7. Staff Education That Works — See And Learn

Microcat LIVE introduces a new online approach for staff training. It's called See and LearnSM. It teaches today's parts and service people the way they want to learn — by example. Users no longer need to struggle through user guides trying to transfer the meaning on the page to the actions on the screen. See and Learn divides application functions into easy-to-absorb videos that show precise areas of interest. There is no wasted time, no drifting off. If you want effective training — then Microcat LIVE Works for You.

8. Value Leadership — Transparency

Microcat LIVE follows the dealer-friendly business model that Infomedia pioneered years ago. No Hardware Bundling — No Expensive Installations — No Complex List of Extras — No Hidden Pricing. As well as Infomedia's honest handshake approach to business, it now introduces the opportunity for peak-period subscriptions that can be added instantly for your high selling seasons and removed in the low seasons. If you want honest and flexible value — then Microcat LIVE Works for You.

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