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Superservice Connect™ An online appointment system that integrates transparently into a dealership's current website.

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Customer convenience and dealership productivity

Is time on your side? We already know that everyone is time-challenged. So, imagine if there was a service your dealership provided where customers could actually book appointments and get quotes any day of the week and any time of the day without the assistance of your service staff? Welcome to Superservice Connect. With 24/7 availability, Connect allows customers to monitor and schedule their vehicle maintenance at their own convenience, allowing your dealership more time to free up staff and sell more service.

Put down the phone and make more money

Superservice Connect is a 24/7 online booking and quoting tool that allows customers to interact with your dealership when it’s convenient for them. Connect provides convenience to meet the expectations of the new generation of online shoppers. Today, everyone expects 24/7 customer service where vehicle owners can manage their own time by accessing their service and maintenance information including job description, parts, shop supplies required and the total cost of the service. Appointment availability is identified immediately, meaning that customers no longer need to call the dealership to discuss appointment time options. By giving customers direct access to online booking and quoting on their own schedule, you have the opportunity to sell more service and increase profitability.

Connecting time to profits

Saving time is important for both your staff and your customers. Connect eliminates the notion of customers having to make an appointment only during your opening hours. Your customers are given the opportunity to interact with your dealership whenever it suits them. By allowing convenient and flexible scheduling for appointments during non-business hours, you can capture customers who are not typically motivated to call a dealership for an appointment. This allows the acceleration of the entire sales and service process. With automated service reminders via email and text, it’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers, build relationships and reduce the risk of lost revenue through customer no-shows.

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Critical information at your fingertips

Reduce the risk of no-shows and fill last minute cancellations


Build customer trust and certainty

VIN-precise, fully priced quotes show the customer what they will pay for


Your dealership is never closed

Meet the expectations of the new generation of online shoppers


No phone calls. No questions. No delays.

Complete self-serve process frees up your staff to sell

Customer appreciation

Superservice Connect demonstrates the value and importance of your customer’s time. We all know that customers want to feel appreciated, and they place great importance on their own time. With Connect, they can make a guaranteed booking when they want to, without the need of a busy staff member taking or returning their call to do so.

Better relationships

Connect also gives your dealership the opportunity to fill last minute cancellations and empty appointment slots to maximise revenue. Connect provides a more relevant and preferred way of organising appointments, while facilitating the interaction between the customer and your dealership. Greater interactions lead to better relationships, better relationships lead to more loyalty and more loyalty leads to repeat business.

Is time on your side?

Superservice Connect is a component of the robust Superservice suite of tools that empowers everyone in the service chain to do their job with greater confidence and efficiency. Our online tools provide: Precision Service Quoting, Vehicle Health Checks (with real-time costing), Self-service Appointment Booking and Quoting, CSI Surveying, Lost Business Recovery, Service Sales Statistics, and genuine Parts Identification.

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Superservice Connect Convenience

How it works

Connect is part of the Superservice suite of dealer solutions, and is easy to manage and operate with other Superservice applications. Connect is straightforward, easy to use and a welcoming experience for all users.

When browsing for genuine servicing options, customers simply:

  1. Click on the “Book Now” button that’s available on your website and enter their licence plate or VIN to accurately identify their vehicle.
  2. Search for the scheduled service they would like for their appointment.
  3. When the work has been selected for their vehicle, Connect will provide them with a VIN-precise quotation – transparently itemising the work, parts and shop supplies needed to do the job. Making an appointment is as easy as selecting a date and time and confirming the price offer for the service.

Superservice Connect can serve your customers in their language. When an appointment is made, your customer will receive a confirmation via an automated text or email message reminding them about their appointment.

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