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What are the ‘success metrics’ of your Service Department?



When analysing the productivity of your Service Department, you might find it helpful to define a few success metrics. In other words, areas of your service offering that are key to your future performance and success.

Why should I bother with success metrics?

Consistently monitoring your performance against key indicators will ensure you have a detailed understanding of your Service Department’s performance.
This will give you the insight you need to maximise the potential of your Technicians and Service Advisors, identify and convert more sales opportunities and raise the bar when it comes to providing an excellent customer experience.

Some helpful advice?

Do you know how good your service team is at converting sales, delighting customers, securing repeat business and working productively? You need to know all of this and more, if you are to be a successful Service Department.

If you’re not measuring your performance against any predetermined success metrics, here are some areas you should consider:

  1. Sales conversions: Dealerships are now using electronic Vehicle Health Check systems (eVHC) to help identify, price and monitor any additional repair work. Analysing your service conversions of work identified, against work invoiced, will help you monitor the profitability and performance of your service team.
  2. Customer satisfaction: Customers that feel involved in the sales process are more likely to return to the dealership in the future, and recommend you to others. Having systems in place that monitor what customers think of your dealership and service staff is hugely important, as it can positively influence your dealership’s success.
  3. Customer retention/loyalty: Recording and tracking the service and repair history of each vehicle can give you valuable information about its past performance, ongoing repair issues and more. Customers feel more confident working with a service provider that knows the history of their car.
  4. Staff efficiency: How fast and effective are your Technicians at identifying and pricing repair work? Customers want immediate answers, so if you think (and know) you could be better at delivering fully priced repair quotes that are VIN-specific, it’s something you need to be monitoring.
  5. Job performance/workshop productivity: How productive is your Service Department? Use an eVHC system that can help Technicians identify vehicle problems quickly, recommend repairs and effectively communicate with customers.


A large number of dealerships are now using eVHC systems to help them understand, measure and improve their Service Department’s productivity and performance.

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