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Créé le lundi 2 janvier 2017 00:00

Digitise your Service Department with Superservice Triage eVHC


3-Digitise-your-Service-Department-with-Superservice-Triage-eVHCTo enjoy long term success, dealerships need to focus their attention on their customers' needs, in order to maintain excellent levels of customer service.

It's never been more important to keep your customers engaged and build positive customer experiences.


Créé le mardi 22 novembre 2016 00:00

What are the ‘success metrics’ of your Service Department?



When analysing the productivity of your Service Department, you might find it helpful to define a few success metrics. In other words, areas of your service offering that are key to your future performance and success.

Why should I bother with success metrics?


Créé le lundi 7 novembre 2016 00:00

5 ways to boost your Service Department’s productivity



c1-boost-your-service-department-with-superservice-triage-evhcA busy and productive Service Department is essential to any dealership. It’s a certainty that vehicle owners need a dependable and quality dealership that will not only routinely service their vehicle, but also identify any underlying repair issues that might not be immediately obvious.

Could your Service Department do better?


Créé le lundi 17 octobre 2016 00:00

Service Manager reveals his secrets



Michael Stringfellow, Service Manager at Clintons Toyota Narellan, knows just what it’s like to run a busy Service Department.

From his highly successful dealership, he leads a team consisting of 3 Service Advisors and 10 Technicians, and oversees 40 repair jobs a day.

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Créé le mercredi 21 septembre 2016 00:00

Webb Hyundai Enjoys a Competitive Edge with Superservice



Cutting-edge technology, dependability and Superservice’s easy-to-use functionality deliver success for Webb Hyundai.

Webb Hyundai, a Metro Chicago dealership in Highland, Indiana, takes its leadership role in the market very seriously.

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Créé le mercredi 17 août 2016 00:00

Superservice Optimizes Performance and Drives Sales



Superservice utilizes next-generation technology and capabilities to optimize performance, enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales.

As the only quoting and inspection system powered by industry-leading, VIN-specific OEM service and repair information, Superservice is setting a new standard.

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Créé le lundi 4 juillet 2016 00:00

The new benchmark for Aftersales excellence



Kia CVIS powered by Superservice

Powered by Infomedia’s Superservice platform, CVIS is leading technology that improves the productivity and profitability of Kia Fixed Operations departments.

It also works as a customer retention tool by building accuracy and certainty throughout the entire service process.

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Créé le vendredi 17 juin 2016 00:00

Superservice Success Story: Hyundai of Yuma



"Using Superservice has increased our parts and service sales 34% and our dollars per RO are up over 18%"

— Abe Razick & Adli Kakish,
Co-Owners, Hyundai of Yuma, AZ

Fastest growing Hyundai dealership in America in 2015

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